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Welcome to the state of Delaware, a state that is commonly referred to as the First State. Delaware just so happens to be one of the smallest states in the entire United States, aside from the state of Rhode Island. The weather in the state is generally nice during autumn and spring, with relatively warm summers and colder winters. The state of Delaware is home to a number of different landmarks, historical buildings, and universities, which includes the Delaware State University and Wilmington University.

"Delaware State Flag"Tourists are constantly choosing to visit the state of Delaware, especially because there is plenty to do and plenty to see. There are national parks, museums, and even beach resorts in this state. Delaware is also quite active and vibrant which is something the tourists enjoy. During the summer months, events and festivals seem to take place very frequently. There are also plenty of events being held throughout the rest of the year.

In fact, there are many events that take place in Delaware throughout the entire year. The events will vary depending upon the particular month and date that tourists actually come to visit. However, some of the events that take place in Delaware include the Wine and Ale Trail, Craft Beer Tasting, The Blues Jam, and much more.

Delaware is home to all sorts of attractions, which is yet another thing that tourists can appreciate. One of the most popular attractions is the Brandywine Zoo, conveniently located in Wilmington, Delaware. The Brandywine Zoo in Delaware is the perfect attraction for children and adults, especially if they are looking for a fun learning experience. On-site adventures and tours are available at the zoo, along with some hands-on activities. These activities and tours will make any visit to the zoo even more fun and exciting. The zoo is also home to a number of different animals, which includes tigers, bearded dragons, pythons, ferrets, turtles, tortoises, ducks, and so much more.

Funland is another popular tourist attraction and is located in Rehoboth, Delaware. Funland is the place for children and adults to get on rides and simply enjoy their time in the lovely state of Delaware. The children and young adults cannot seem to get enough of this place. There are rides for people of all ages, which include rides for younger kids, specifically toddlers. Some of the rides that can be found at Funland include bumper cars, the haunted mansion, the super flip, gravitron, carousel, sea dragon, swings, and fire engines.

"Delaware Museum of Natural History"The Delaware Museum of Natural History is yet another popular attraction, especially for the tourists who would like to learn more about the state and all of the history behind it. The museum is the perfect place for children and especially for adults to explore and discover new things. There are many interesting exhibits available at this museum, which includes the Dinosaur Gallery, Hall of Birds, Nature Nook, and the Butterfly Garden, all of which are picture-worthy.

Aside from these amazing attractions, there is actually an assortment of beaches in the state of Delaware. Some of these beaches include the Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach, which is also where Funland is located. A visit to the beach is a great way for all tourists to enjoy some free and exciting fun in the sun on the beautiful sand, directly by the water.

While touring the state of Delaware, it is important to know about the different attractions that are in the area but it is also important to know about the restaurants and the food that is served in Delaware. There are thousands of restaurants that are located in the state which means that it will not be hard for tourists to find what they want to eat. There are certain restaurants, such as the Blue Moon, that have received rave reviews for their delicious food and exceptional service. The Blue Moon serves some sophisticated dishes, such as Bouillabaisse and Wild Boar Bolognese. The restaurant is also known for serving some unique and tasteful appetizers.

"Rehoboth Beach"The Go Fish restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is another popular restaurant. At this restaurant, tourists can enjoy the basic idea of fish and chips with a little more sophistication. Some of the items that are listed on this menu include beer battered jumbo shrimp, battered soft shell crab sandwiches, and fried oysters, all of which guests seem to enjoy, especially before heading to the beach or after spending an entire day on the beach.

Tourist cannot seem to get enough of shopping in Delaware, especially since it is the only state that does not charge tax. Tourists can purchase souvenirs or simply shop at one of the many malls in the area to enjoy some tax-free shopping. The Christiana Mall and The Tanger Outlet Centers are both popular shopping centers amongst tourists and residents who already live in the state of Delaware. Both the mall and the outlet center are home to hundreds of different stores, some of which are very upscale, such as Nordstrom.

Along with the exciting attractions, delicious food, and shopping centers, it is important for tourists to know where they can stay while spending a few days in the state of Delaware. There are so many different hotels and some are simply better than others. The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, for example, has received plenty of good reviews and is located in Rehoboth Beach. The Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is also a popular hotel, which is located in Dover, Delaware. Tourists can decide which hotel to book for their stay based on the particular area of Delaware that they plan to stay in.

Delaware is definitely an ideal place to visit, whether tourists are traveling amongst themselves, with a group of friends, or with the entire family. There are so many exciting attractions that can satisfy people of all ages and are conveniently located in different areas of Delaware. There are museums, rides, shopping centers, spas, boutiques, and tons of events that take place in the state. A trip to Delaware will be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

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